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Welcome to Servas Canada

Servas Canada is part of Servas International, an international network of hosts and travellers who work to build peace, goodwill and respect across diverse cultures. Through mutually arranged visits, Servas hosts and travellers share interests and concerns about social issues, and learn more about other cultures. These encounters help form the building blocks of peace.

Member Benefits

Being a Servas member allows you to meet people from around the world. Servas opens doors to friendships and shared cultural experiences that last long after a visit has ended. Servas hosting and travel is about respect, being culturally aware and sensitive, and making efforts to understand each other.

Want to Join Us?

Here's how to apply for Servas Canada membership:

Read the documents on Traveller and Host Responsibilities

Get two letters of reference

Contact and meet with an interviewer in your area

Review, sign and submit the Privacy & Confidentiality agreement

Once approved, register with ServasOnline

Pay your fees

Climate Change and Servas

Servas Canada is one of many communities in this great global human neighbourhood, and we hope that as a diverse and inclusive community we are conscientious ambassadors promoting the human ideals of Servas leading to peace, and as environmental stewards that we “travel lightly upon this Earth.”

What Members say about Servas?

Our Peace Mandate

“Peace is not merely an idea; it is an obligation” (author unknown)

Servas Canada aims to foster peace and mutual respect across cultures by sharing in multicultural dialogue, being culturally aware and sensitive, and making efforts to understand each other in order to overcome biases and stereotypes.

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