Host with Us

Hosting with Servas has many benefits:
  • Being an ambassador for your community
  • Sharing your home with Servas travellers
  • Opening your door to short- or long-term friendships
  • Engaging with people of other cultures, languages, ages and genders
  • Comfort in knowing that your Servas traveller has completed a formal interview process
  • Appreciating that Servas travellers understand visitor expectations
  • Hosting Servas cultural, language, volunteer, or exchange programme travellers
  • Socializing with other Servas members
  • Getting involved in related volunteer activities
To make the most of your hosting experiences, follow these few simple steps:
  • Review the Canadian Host Responsibilities
  • When you receive requests, ensure that the traveller has a current, valid Letter of Introduction (LOI). You may view traveller profiles on ServasOnline (for countries using this database). If your traveller is not yet online and hasn’t sent their Letter of Introduction, ask them to send it to you
  • Always reply to a traveller request promptly, even if you can’t accommodate travellers
Let us know about your hosting experiences:
  • If there are problems with travellers, please contact us
  • Consider sharing great experiences (including photographs/short videos) with us:
    • On the Servas Canada website; submit your news to contact us
    • Through social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram