How to Travel – Your LOI and eStamp

How to Travel - Your Letter of Introduction and eStamp

Your Servas host will want to know who you are (your Letter of Introduction) and that you are a member in good standing (your eStamp).

Before everything moved online, your Letter of Introduction (LOI) was a physical document that travellers carried, and showed their hosts, while on their journeys. Now, you simply fill in your LOI as part of your online profile on the Servas International website.

Previously, you also needed a physical stamp that was attached to your LOI and allowed you to request hosting during a one-year period. Today, we use eStamps. If you are a member in good standing, and you have paid your traveller fees (if applicable) you can ask for an eStamp to be attached to your online LOI.

How to get an eStamp

If you intend to travel both inside or outside Canada and stay with Servas hosts, you will need an eStamp to verify that you are a member in good standing and have paid your appropriate travel fee. The travel fee is separate from the membership fee; all Servas Canada members pay an annual membership fee to support the organization, and a traveller fee that covers a year’s worth of travel. The amount paid for a traveller fee will depend on whether you are a youth member or, for travel in Canada, if you are also a host.

Please note, however, for 2024 the traveller fees have been waived. As such, no payment is required for an eStamp this year, but eStamps are still required if you wish to travel. To get an eStamp on your LOI ensure that you have:

  • paid your annual membership fee (confirm this by looking at the “Membership until” date at the top of the ‘My Profile’ section on your Servas International profile page)
  • filled in a paragraph or two about yourself in the “Personal background” section of your LOI (on your online profile on the Servas International website)
  • included a photo of yourself on your profile
  • included all contact information, including an emergency contact name, email, and phone number

Once you have checked for these items, send an email to and his team will ensure an eStamp gets attached to your LOI.