Apply to Servas Canada

With Servas Canada, hosts and travellers can take comfort in knowing that members they interact with have been screened and oriented by interviewers, and have agreed to the core Servas values and principles. These actions make Servas a great choice for the security-conscious host or traveller.

If you are not currently a host with Servas Canada, and have not previously travelled with Servas, apply to Servas Canada as follows:

  1. Get two letters of reference (available as a .pdf) from people who know you well, and are not family members.
  2. Use the Interviewer Finder map or online form to contact the most conveniently located interviewer to you, and make an appointment to meet in person. If you cannot find an interviewer, please contact usBe sure to include your location in your online form or message.
  3. Read the  “Travel With Us” and “Host With Us”  sections of this website, under the Members tab.
  4. The interviewer will make the decision about your application, ensure that you understand how Servas operates, and help you to register with ServasOnline.
  5. Read the Privacy & Confidentiality Information Sheet and sign the Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement form (available online or as a .pdf).
  6. Pay your fees, according to the fee structure.
  7. Fees may be paid by:
    • Cheque: make cheque payable to “Servas Canada” and give to your interviewer
    • E-transfer