Making Connections

Making Connections

Making Connections is a Servas International initiative to engage Servas members (youth or adults) in shared activities beyond a one or two night stay in a region. Typically these programs are not specifically developed but instead each placement is a co-creation of best efforts between the Making Connections Coordinator, the travellers, and the hosts.

Each program can last 4-6 weeks, and can offer formal or informal language learning, enriched travel experiences through volunteerism or participation in unique cultural opportunities including art, history, recreation, or tourism.

These Making Connections programs are organized in a spirit of generosity and fellowship between country Servas groups, travellers, and hosts, to foster and contribute to the ideal of world peace. Here is a current document listing Making Connections opportunities in other countries.


If you are interested in participating in or proposing a language, volunteer, or cultural experience for you or your family members, please contact us to begin the conversation of organizing an opportunity.

Specific Objectives

  • Working as a volunteer on a project or otherwise giving service to the host community
  • Providing a Servas cultural experience for the traveller and their hosts
  • Education – learning a language, often through immersion
  • Seeking to strengthen the working together of local and national groups
  • Promoting the participation of youth in Servas

Note: These programs are for Servas members who have been active for at least one year before applying.

Process and Eligibility Criteria

  • Send an initial enquiry of interest to contact us, which will be forwarded to the Making Connections Coordinator
  • Approved and valid Letter of Introduction for period of anticipated travel
  • All costs of the program to be covered by the traveller
  • Provide the Making Connections Coordinator with your specific interest and answers to the following questions to help facilitate an appropriate and best-fit opportunity
    • Expand on your specific interest in the Making Connections opportunity – through volunteerism, language learning, a cultural experience, or a combination
    • Explain why you are interested in this program and what you hope to gain through such an opportunity
    • Elaborate on what skills you can offer as part of this program
    • What languages do you currently use, and what is your level of communication?
    • When do you want to participate in this opportunity and for how long?
    • How flexible are you in terms of timing and type of opportunity?
    • What are your limitations (physical, dietary, allergies etc.,) that could affect hosting?
    • What concerns do you have about such programming?
  • Commitment to the program activity including sharing skills with the community
  • Willingness to write a programe evaluation of the experience within one month of return to home; to be submitted to the Servas Canada Making Connections Coordinator
  • Appropriate insurance coverage for the destination country for duration of the stay