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International Day of Peace (World Peace Day)
Observed annually on 21 September, it is a day dedicated to world peace, and specifically to the absence of war and violence.

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The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights
John Humphrey was a Canadian lawyer and diplomat who helped to author the original draft of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was passed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948. This document has been translated into 321 languages and is probably the most cited legal document drafted by a Canadian. The Centre’s vision is a world that manifests a culture of peace and human rights, and its mission: is to advance a culture of peace and human rights through education and community building guided by the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

United Nations Association in Canada
The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation.

Alternatives to Violence Project

Canadian Commission for UNESCO

Canadian Crossroads International

Canadian Friends Service Committee
“Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC) is the peace, social justice, and international development arm of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Canada. Our work alleviates suffering and develops transformative and sustainable approaches to human rights, justice, and peace. As described in this narrative summary of our 2016-2021 Strategic Plan, we act in four ways: practical assistance, research, education, and policy dialogues.”

Canada Interpeace
An independent, international peace-building organization and a strategic partner of the United Nations.

Canadian Network to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Canadian Peace Alliance
International Peace Bureau founded in 1891, IPB is one of the world’s oldest international peace federations dedicated to the vision of a world without war.

Canadian Peace Initiative
“The Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI) is committed to the establishment of a Department of Peace within the Government of Canada. The Department of Peace would work towards building a new architecture of peace by establishing and supporting a culture of peace and assertive non-violence in Canada and the world. Our strategy is to use Bill C-373, An Act to Establish the Department of Peace, as a road map and build a groundswell of support among the Canadian people, to make the idea compelling to politicians.”

Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Founded in 1960, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (VOW) is a non-partisan and accredited NGO to the United Nations. This active group is comprised of a network of diverse women who advocate for a world without war and write and present statements to political heads of state and nations worldwide on women and peace issues. Our mission is to provide a means for women to exercise responsibility for the promotion of world peace and justice, through education of themselves and others to take an equal part in the democratic process of decision making; and to cooperate with women throughout the world to create the mutual respect and understanding necessary for the peaceful resolution of international conflict.

Caritas Canada
“The Canadian Catholic Organization For Development and Peace is the member organization in Canada of Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of 162 Catholic relief, development and social service organisations working on behalf of the poor and oppressed in 198 countries and territories. Caritas works with and for those in need regardless of creed, race, gender, or ethnicity. Its mandate includes integral development, emergency relief, advocacy, peace building, respect for human rights, and support for proper stewardship of the planet’s environment and resources.”

CISV Canada
A global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building intercultural friendship, cooperation, and understanding.

Friends of the Earth Canada
Envisions a society of interdependent people living in dignity, wholeness and fulfillment in which equity and human and peoples’ rights are realized.

Friendship Force Canada
This association provides opportunities to explore new countries and cultures by bringing people together through travel.

Human Rights Watch Canada
An independent, international organization that works to uphold human dignity and advance the cause of human rights for all.

International 1325 Working Committee on Women, Peace & Security

The Noble Laureate International Peace Bureau

NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace & Security

Not Just Tourists (Toronto)
Toronto-based community that XX

Peace Brigades Canada
An international NGO that promotes nonviolence and the protection of human rights.

PeaceBuild. The Canadian Peacebuild Network

Project Ploughshares

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Canada
This group’s mission is to end and prevent war, ensure women are represented at all levels in the peace-building process, defend human rights of women, and promote social, economic and political justice.

Amnesty International
A global movement whose supporters campaign for ending grave abuses of human rights.

A hospitality exchange service run by a non-profit organization whose members offer free accommodation and help during travel.

Emmaus International
Includes 350 member organizations in 37 different countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe that run income-generating activities at local level with people who have experienced social exclusion to access their fundamental rights and, through their collective action, demonstrate there are credible alternatives to injustice.

Hospitality Club
An organization whose aim is to bring people together through travel.

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
A coalition of NGOs in 100 countries that advocate for a strong and effective nuclear weapons ban treaty. ICAN received the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017.

International Peace Institute
An independent, international not-for-profit think tank dedicated to promoting the prevention and settlement of conflicts between and within states by strengthening international peace and security institutions.

Veterans For Peace
A global organization of military veterans and allies whose collective efforts are to build a culture of peace.

Vision of Humanity
A strong proponent of the need to further study, advocate, and act on peace.

A free worldwide hospitality exchange allowing cyclists to travel globally.

War Resisters’ International
An international anti-war organization with members and affiliates in over 30 countries.

This group promotes cultural understanding between peoples of the world by: enabling people on a limited budget to fully appreciate living and working in foreign environments, promoting cultural exchanges, offering volunteer activities to contribute to a cause, and enabling language learning opportunities.