Servas International

Servas International

Canada is one of over 100 countries that are part of Servas International – a world of connections. The Servas International website is your stepping stone to finding hosts and travelers.

You can visit and search member countries and activities, but only Servas members can view each others profiles.

Log on to Servas International

Log on to the Servas International website with your e-mail and password. Use the Forgot Password link if you don’t know your password.

Create or update your profile

Your profile is how Servas members from around the world can find you and learn about your interests. 

Once you join as a new member, a Servas Canada administrator will provide you a link to access your profile. Existing members can access there profile from the menu: My Servas > My Profile

Review each section of the profile, using the “Edit” button to modify the information:

  • Edit-MyProfile – Your name, username, and password
  • Edit-Letter of Introduction – your LOI for use if you are a traveller
  • Edit-Basic Information – your basic personal information including email and phone
  • Edit-More about me – other Servas members hosting with you, your interests etc
  • Edit-Hosting – details about the number and type of travellers you can host, etc
  • Remember to Save after editing each section above

Here are some tips for filling in your profile: 

1.  For joint profiles where two names are listed, use this format:

  • First names: Jean & Luc (please note & symbol and spaces)
  • Surnames: Black & Smith (please note & symbol and spaces)

2.  Please hyphenate first or last names that have two parts, such as Jean Luc or Black Smith. Jean Luc should be entered as Jean-Luc, and Black Smith should be Black-Smith.

3.  Phone numbers should be +1 (999) 999-9999 (please note symbols and spaces).

4.  Please identify your language capabilities, as that will assist travellers in communicating with you.

5.  Please include your accurate birth year, not just a random year.

6.  Include a photograph. Letters of Introduction (LOIs) require a photograph so you can use the same one.

7.  If you are travelling, ensure you provide an emergency contact (clearly, not the person you are travelling with).

Find Members

Once logged in to your My Servas profile, use the Find Members link to search for hosts and travellers around the world.

If planing a trip, search for hosts that match your destinations and interests.

International Servas Events

In the Community section, go to the Events and Meetings page for information on special trips and events being planned by Servas countries. Activities include bike tours, peace camps, and Servas meetings.