Your Servas Canada Team

Your Servas Canada Team

Servas Canada Board

Nancy Palardy: National Secretary
I am a passionate long distance cycle tourist, born and raised in Calgary, now living in Toronto. My husband and I joined Servas in 2014, and we were fortunate to stay with numerous Servas hosts on a year-long world tour with our two children. We have been active hosts ever since, and I joined the board in 2016. I had the privilege of representing Servas Canada at the most recent Servas International meeting in Seoul. We love the spirit of Servas, and never miss the chance to let others know about this wonderful organization.

Vacant: Deputy National Secretary

Christine Fernie: Treasurer
I am in my bliss on my motorcycle. I read Untamed Spirit, Around the world on a motorcycle by Doris Moran which frequently referred to her amazing visits with Servas hosts. I looked up Servas and was instantly hooked on the concept of creating peace by making connections. As a retired military Captain, I have seen first hand the negative mental and emotional impact of war on my friends. I joined Servas in 2007 and have served as treasurer since 2017. I want to thank the Servas members for their thoughtful cards and kind words. I hope to meet you all in person someday.

Michael Johnson: Making Connections Coordinator; Volunteer Coordinator
Since joining Servas in 1981, I have been an interviewer, host coordinator, North American Area Coordinator. I was National Secretary for 13 years, Canada’s newsletter editor, spent 20 years on the SC Board, chaired the SI and SC Nominations Committees. I formed Canada’s first Board. I helped organize some of the seven SI conferences I attended.  I am currently the SI Newsletter Editor. 

It has been a privilege to host about 500 members. I’ve met wonderful friends through Servas, most importantly, my wife.

Jim Leask: National ServasOnline Manager; Communications 
My wife Andrea and I have been Servas members since 1987. We were on a world trip and enjoyed Servas hospitality in several countries, then joined as hosts upon our return. We very much enjoy having visitors stay with us, from Canada or anywhere else in the world.

I have been helping with Servas Canada as the Host List Coordinator, where I ran our database for managing and producing the Canadian host list, the paper booklets many Canadian members will remember. I am now actively involved with the Servas International’s ServasOnline team, the membership system used today to manage memberships, hosts, and travellers. I am also in the SI EXCO team as part of the “Membership and Technology Secretary”, and in this role help oversee global membership issues, as well as oversee all of technical infrastructure that runs Servas today and for tomorrow. 

Jane Mangle
Greetings from the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, where I have lived for the past 38 years. I joined the Servas Board a couple of years ago after hosting as a member. I am a strong believer in the principles of Servas and look forward to seeing what possibilities await within this network of amazing hosts and travellers all over the world. We face new challenges around travel but other opportunities are arising to maintain friendships and invite new ones through our networks of making connections. I look forward to connecting with many more Servas members.

Myra D’Souza: Regional Coordinator Manager
I was raised in a faith-filled home and attended a Catholic girls convent in Pakistan. I hold a bachelor’s degree in political science and psychology, a chartered director’s designation from McMaster University and human resources certification. I have chaired numerous boards and directed many committees, including Calgary’s Urban Aboriginal Initiative, and have more than 30 years of senior business and leadership experience. My faith, support of diversity and inclusion and commitment inspire me to make the world a better place. I have volunteered for 17-years with Corrections Canada and am a proud supporter of many local and international community service efforts.


Kent Macaulay: Servas International Liaison
I first heard about Servas over three decades ago when travelling in Denmark–the country where Servas had its beginnings in the post-World War II efforts of the “Peacebuilders”.  Ever since then, I have stayed with Servas hosts in several Latin American, Australian, and European households, and have welcomed numerous Servas travellers into my home when living in Saskatoon, Victoria, and now Quadra Island, BC.  I joined the Servas Canada Board in 2018, and became the Volunteer Coordinator the following year.

I have an enduring interest in continuous learning, interculturalism, peace and social justice—four elements found in spades in Servas.   Whenever I am not taking direct action on these, I may be in my kayak contemplating next steps to move them forward.

Other Key Positions

Vacant: Peace Secretary French

Barbara Mitchell-Pollock: Peace Secretary English

Anne-Marie Legare: Translation Coordinator

Beth QuesnelJanet Morlock: “” responders

Chris Winter: Website Administrator

Thom Knutson: Facebook English

Vacant: Facebook French

Nora McKnight: Interviewer Coordinator

John Whidden: Online Administrator (Online support, eStamps, host lists)

John Spinelli: Bookkeeper (membership payments)


Program Committee: Jane Mangle (chair), Jill Davies, John Whidden, Aurelie Renaudin

Recruitment & Nominations Committee: Julie Dotsch (chair), Debora Durnin-Richards, Michael Johnson

Outreach Committee: Thom Knutson, Vacancies

Making Connections Committee: Michael Johnson, Vacancies

Conflict Resolution Facilitator: David Mangle