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We don’t just travel to see places. We also travel to meet people. To make new friends that span the globe and last a lifetime. To build a stronger understanding of the world around us.

We host travellers for similar reasons. To welcome people to Canada. To share our own perceptions on this wonderful and diverse country with people from around the world or from other parts of Canada.

Servas is much more than simply finding free accommodations. Most visits with a host are for two days, which allows time to share meals and build friendships. Hosts often offer insights on the best place to visit.

As a host or a traveller, you are an ambassador for Servas Canada and Canada. We want to make sure that all our members share our passion for building peace and understanding through travel. That’s why our membership process will take a few weeks, and includes an interview with a Servas interviewer to review our guidelines.

Before you apply:

How to Join

  • Get two letters of reference (available as a pdf) from people who know you well, and are not family members.  
  • Contact an interviewer. Please contact our Application Manager, Nora McKnight to put you in touch with an interviewer. Allow one week for a response, and if you have not heard back from her, please contact us. Include “SERVAS” in your subject line and your location in your message.
    • Once you have connected with an interviewer, please email your two
      letters of reference to them.
    • The interviewer will make the decision about your application, ensure that you understand how Servas operates, and help you to register with ServasOnline.

Once your membership is approved, you can activate your account with ServasOnline.

  1. Sign the Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement form.  
  2. Complete your account with ServasOnline. A Servas administrator will set it up and provide you with the initial link. The information you provide will become part of the Letter of Introduction you will give to a host when you travel.
  3. Pay your fees, according to the fee and payment options.

How to Re-activate a Membership

Any previous member of Servas Canada who returns to Servas Canada wanting to host or travel after an absence* of less than five years will need to send a payment to re-activate their membership (see Fees and Payment) . Add a comment that you wish to reactivate and include your email address and the treasurer will send you confirmation of receipt of payment and advise you of your next step to review your ServasOnline profile and complete the Privacy & Confidentiality form if required. Allow three days to hear back from the treasurer. If you encounter any problems, send an email to

Any previous member of Servas Canada who returns to Servas Canada wanting to host or travel after an absence* of five years or more will need to reapply for membership (see above). You will be required to undergo the interview process and submission of two reference letters.

*Absence means not being listed as a host in earlier host lists, or not having had a traveler stamp. It does not mean that you have not hosted any Servas visitors within the relevant time period.