Canadian Host Responsibilities

Host Responsibilities

Your responsibility as a Servas Canada host is to:

  • Annually update your ServasOnline host profile
  • Promptly reply to all traveller requests, even if you can’t accommodate travellers at that time
  • Ensure that travellers have a current, approved Letter of Introduction (LOI) and read it as soon as it is offered
  • Not decline any Servas traveller because of ethnicity, nationality, language, age, or sexual orientation
  • Use ServasOnline for its intended purposes, keeping all Servas information within the Servas community
  • Pay appropriate Servas Canada fees when required
  • Complete, sign, and submit the Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement form
  • Not request any money for hosting Servas travellers
  • Recognize that failure to comply with these responsibilities could lead to deactivation of your ServasOnline profile, or other administrative actions

To make the most of your hosting experiences:

  • You are not required to accommodate travellers who arrive without notice
  • Provide a comfortable place to sleep and whatever meals are convenient; elaborate meals or luxurious accommodations are not required. If your accommodations are very basic, ensure your guests understand this before they arrive
  • If unable to provide accommodation after you have agreed to do so, try to arrange for an alternate host or contact the local coordinator. You must inform travellers of alternate arrangements as soon as possible
  • You may assist with (but are not required to) transport travellers to their accommodation
  • Day hosts do not host travellers overnight
  • Two-night stays are encouraged, although travellers may request a one-night stay. As host, it is your choice to accept or decline a one-night stay
  • Invite travellers to stay longer than two nights if you like. Travellers are not to make this request
  • Spend as much time as feasible with travellers but be considerate of those who may need time for rest or refreshment
  • Maintain a visitors’ book of travellers
  • If a traveller upsets you, expresses views that you believe are contrary to Servas ideals, or seems to abuse the Servas opportunity, please talk with the traveller, remembering that sometimes there are cultural or language misunderstandings. Be patient. If the issue cannot be resolved, contact the local coordinator and contact us
  • Send us your hosting stories via the Contact Us page, and we will post them on Servas Storiesand