Keeping in Touch 9 Years Later


The warm Galilean evening was in sharp contrast to the frigid Canadian morning, as smiles, laughter, reminiscing, and Zoom brought two families back together. 

Adar and John making jam.

Nine years earlier, my wife and I had been looking for a cultural experience for our young teenagers when we found a Servas Israel family in Israel. Adar and Anna agreed to host us although they had recently welcomed their third child. 

When we arrived, our families bonded immediately; when the time came for us to leave, Adar and Anna insisted that we stay. We visited a wonderful Servas family in the Golan Heights, then returned to Adar and Anna with freshly-picked cherries. We cooked the cherries into jam and pies; even the children got into the baking action. 

It is these unexpected delights which make Servas so special to us. Our now 21 and 23 year-old daughters joined a zoom reunion, continuing our valuable cross-cultural experience; one which would bring a smile to the face of Servas founder Bob Luitweiler.

The children making cookies together

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