Privacy & Confidentiality Information Sheet

Privacy & Confidentiality Information Sheet

Servas Canada promotes and supports a secure and safe means of travel for its host and travel members by:

  • Screening each Servas Canada member through a formal interview process
  • Granting approved Servas Canada members access to the ServasOnline database that includes:
    • Global host and traveller contact information and details
    • Travel documents including the required Letter of Introduction (LOI)
  • Keeping Canadian information in the ServasOnline database up to date
  • Using the personal host and traveller information in the manner in which it is given and for the exclusive purposes of Servas Canada and Servas International
  • Allowing Servas Canada administrators access to host and traveller personal information in cases of emergency or for other Servas-related issues
  • Confirming that all host and traveller personal information remain as the property of Servas Canada
  • Having formal processes to:
    • Deactivate Servas Canada members from the ServasOnline database
    • Deal with problem Servas Canada hosts and travellers, as well as Servas travellers from other Servas member countries
    • Follow up with membership appeals or resolution of conflict with Servas Canada members

How does Servas use your personal information?

  • Your personal host or traveller information is located on a secure database called ServasOnline
  • This database contains Servas member profiles (hosts and travellers) plus travellers’ Letters of Introduction (LOI). This information is created and updated by Servas members, who also determine the level of privacy with which their information is displayed
  • Approved Servas members have access to this personal host and traveller information for the purpose of allowing Servas members to learn about opportunities, arrange travel, and contact other Servas members directly
  • Servas Canada and Servas International administrators can use the ServasOnline data to identify memberships, travel and hosting patterns, correspondence, etc.
  • ServasOnline data remains in the database unless there is termination of a Servas Canada membership in which case the appropriate ServasOnline member profile will be deactivated

Your responsibility as a Servas Canada member is to:

  • Regularly update your ServasOnline member profile
  • Keep all personal Servas host and traveller information confidential (i.e., within the Servas community)
  • Pay the appropriate Servas Canada fees when required
  • Remember that the goal of Servas hospitality is to create shared cultural learning experiences
  • Follow Servas guidelines for travel and hosting as described in the Guidelines for Servas Travellers and Host Responsibilities documents on the Servas Canada website
  • Complete and sign the Privacy & Confidentiality Agreement (available online or as a .pdf).