Servas International Events

From Servas International, February 2020:

The medieval castel of Coira, Italy

In many parts of the world our Servas friends are working hard to voluntarily offer all kinds of exciting and wonderful experiences to Servas members. These international events vary in themes and places, but they all have something in common: the wish to strengthen bonds between Servas members and to spread understanding and tolerance by travelling and meeting each other.

NOTE: in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these events are being postponed or cancelled.  Please check the Servas International Events page, or the country page, for details.

Here are the first announcements of 2020:

Italy: Servas by Bike

 Switzerland: Pentecost Meeting

 Turkey: International SERVAS Peace School– 1st out of two this year.

 France: Pathways Together

 Turkey: International Servas Peace School (2) 2nd out of two this year.

 Colombia: Servas Colombia and Latin America Meeting 2020

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